Thursday, September 20, 2012

Because I said so...that's WHY!

Children, mine specifically, have a knack for asking a lot of questions.  Young ones are curious and not afraid to ask about or attempt to solve the worlds problems.   Questions can be good, they expand their minds and spark new interests.

However, "Why??" after being told to do something, is neither cute or innocent.  

It is an ancient stall tactic and as a mother, I find it to be a form of torture.

At least once a day the dreaded "Why?" tricks me into answering.  

Me: Go get in the shower

Child: Why?

Me: because you are dirty and need to take a shower

Child: Why? I don't smell.

Me: (Smells child) well no, you don't smell...but you need to take a shower.

Child: Why?

Me: Ughhhhhhh....Because!

Just because,  that is always my answer.  I have no problem answering a question about homework, our family, something that they heard about or saw somewhere, anything really...except "why?".

"Why?" is only asked when they are told to do something, they don't actually want to know why...they just don't want to do that thing, whatever it may be.

Sometimes, I don't know "why?" and that simple question can confuse the hell out of me! I will have a plan mapped out for a smooth day and that 3 letter word will derail my good intentions.  I start to wonder myself "why?" Why do they need to pick up the playroom if they have already told me that they have full intentions of destroying it later, or have at least implied that, by saying "we are going to play in there later". Why do they need to eat more pizza before they have ice cream...that's just dumb.  

"Why?" questions my judgement, rattles my confidence and makes me think under pressure. Most of the time, "Why?" doesn't work, I know the reason and that's all that matters, but believe it or not, there have been situations that have made me wonder "why?" myself..  The truth is sometimes, not often, but there have been times, that my requests may not be exactly logical.  However, once the orders leave my mouth I cant put them back in, and it is pretty embarrassing to be outsmarted by your child. 

I should really just throw the "why?" back at them when they ask, my answer could just be "I don't know, why?"   The only problem with this...children also, have all the answers.

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  1. Excellent points. But I must ask, about that last paragraph. Why can't I just TELL you I like you? Why do I have to go do something? Can't someone else do it? Why do I have to??

    God, I'm irritating MYSELF now. Sorry!!


  2. Ha! You don't count I already KNOW you like me!

  3. You said that you are a blended family. I would like to see more pictures.