Sunday, August 8, 2010


so i think Im going to try facebook again...Im so bad at blogging....

Monday, June 28, 2010


I've been too bored to post. I'm going to Jamaica on Friday...I'm sure I will have alot to say after that...

Monday, June 21, 2010

Would I be good at it...

Forever and ever Ive talked about wanting to be and on its been a nurse. Everyone wants to be successful, but its so hard to find what your "good" at. So far Ive found that I am awesome at drinking wine, making coffee, and memorizing shopping lists. But those dont make you money or give you a sense of pride. I think nursing is such a great make money and your doing something meaningful. But what if I sucked at it. It would take me a while to become an RN and atleast a year and a half to get my LPN...I think it would be worth it, i think my brain keeps going back to it for a reason. Maybe I would being an outstanding nurse...I (unlike most) actually LOVE old people. I crave fast paced environments and actually work better under pressure. I've battled with this decision since I was pregnant with Kaylee. I could be like patch adams...except he was a dr and that is a little much...I dont know, I guess I'll have to figure it out tomorrow.

Other news...My parents were in town for the weekend and I discovered that my dad is actually pretty handy. He fixed a ton of little things that we have completely ignored, such as the continuos beeping of the alarm, the rusty grill, the broken pantry door, the semi dirty air filter (in my defense the ac guy said it was fine), and the misleading and incorrect time on the microwave (no wonder the kids have had a hard time going to bed, the clock was 4 hours fast) just to name a few. My mom was very helpful too and having her with me to run errands was incredible. Not having to take 5 kids and a shopping cart into the bathroom was very nice aswell as standing alone in line without hearing "can I have this? Can I have that? oooo ooo i need one of those!" 50 times! what jerk decided they would torture parents on their way out of the store by putting candy in the check out line?? Probably a guy. Oh and lastly Jacob got his first haircut! And I literally mean that he got A HAIR cut, that long one that was in his face...and I must say that he looks very handsome :)

SO thats about it...My baby is with my parents until Wednesday and I am confident that he will learn how to crawl, talk and feed himself in that short amount of time.

Hope everyone has a good week! all 3 of ya! :)

Friday, June 18, 2010

somewhat normal

So its Friday night and I'm sitting in my kitchen blogging, watching my six yearolds color and my 6 month old drool...yeah I have a pretty wild life. But actually right now I feel more normal than I have in a while. Its 5:15 the house is calm and I have a moment to myself. James has the other two and my parents are on the way to visit me for the first time since I've moved to Tampa. I'm super excited because I don't know anyone here and I am beginning to feel lonely. Its hard to make friends when your older, and alot of times people without kids don't want to hangout with people with kids, and then theres the issue of liking the person and not their kids, or even worse the kids and not the person...its just messy.

So it will be very nice to have some adult interaction.

Anyways, here's a few things that I would be posting on facebook:

I was notified at 6:45 this morning that Jacob has teeth...his sisters decided to randomly stick there fingers in his mouth and to there surprise he fought back.

Jacob secretly crawls when Im not looking...I caught him out of the corner of my eye today and once he noticed me he fell flat on his back and looked at me helplessly so I HAD to hold him...punk.

I think that cleaning should help trim fat, flatten your stomach, sculpt your butt and add muscle...because I busted my ars for about 4 hours cleaning you know how ripped I would be if I worked out that hard??!

That's all.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

How Irononic...

So I decided to delete my facebook page yesterday and what do you think James brings home for me...a new computer. I have been using my Iphone for about the past 3 months, because my computer got a virus (thank you babysitter...if 5 aren't keeping you busy maybe you should do a quick head count...) Anyways I'm very happy about my new computer, now I can Skype my dad and brothers (which sounds very inappropriate)

I must say I came to a realization yesterday that very few people are actually interested in my life. I think I lack alot of interesting qualities. I speak one language, have never really left the country, am not very..."enlightened", I have no talents or hobbies, and I have no naked pictures floating around...I'm kinda boring.

My kids are the only people I interact with and most of the time they have more interesting things to talk about than I do. They always ask me questions that I have no answer for... and most of the time they answer each other.


Kaylee: "Why was jesus jewish?"
Me: uhhh
Brooke: "was he christmas?"
Kaylee" (laughing) "noooo brooke he was christian"

I'm confused now.

Anyways I think I'm going to completely give up reality TV, gossip websites, magazines and shows...I feel like my brain is polluted with other peoples lives.

I need a hobby...any suggestions (hey between the two of you, I expect some feed back!)

oh PS...MOM stands for (mom of many) Cheesy much?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ok so I went from facebook obsessed to addicted to blogging. Maybe. This might be better for me though. I need to get out how I'm feeling and share the rediculousness of my life with maybe I can achieve that here without being a stalker of everyone elses life. That was my problem with facebook. And don't judge because you know you find yourself looking at pictures of a friend of a friend's exboyfriend's sister's prom date. Or how about when you see somone who you haven't talked to in a long time and they know more about you than your own mother does, you start to feel a little violated...they don't even want to see pictures of your kids, they know EXACTLY what little Timmy and Tommy look like, infact they are SICK of Timmy and Tommy!

I'm only blogging because a few, a very small few (considering I had a decent amount of fb friends) wanted to still know what was going on in my life. Big shout out to Erica, Debbie and Pshay! A few means 3 right?

So I'll try to update as often as possible and please feel free to update me on your lives a well :)