Wednesday, August 1, 2012

dust yourself off and try again...

Today was not great.  I was on the verge of tears throughout the whole day.  I yelled to much, snapped to easily, judged to quick, and had almost no patience...I actually asked one of the children to stop laughing...but that was mostly because I was convinced that she was laughing at me.

It didn't help that we had 2 doctors appointments scheduled, and picked up a 3rd appointment by noon.  Sitting for extended periods of time, in a confined space with several children repeating "mommy, mommy, mommy!" is a lot like Chinese water torture.

I felt alone and frustrated today.  I felt like everything I did was wrong.  Screaming at the kids to be quiet, or telling them to use their manners while I myself was talking with my mouth full.  I could see them mirroring everything I was doing.  A bad attitude is contagious, and I was sneezing and coughing this nasty virus all over them.

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and was taking it on the 5 people I love the most.

They were no angels either today but they are good kids.  They make mistakes, and they have bad days...wait a second...that sounds the future though I would like us to discuss who's turn it is to have a bad day, they cannot coincide with my bad days.

OK so I guess we all kinda had a bad day...

Parent's always say there is no rule book...but I bet kids think the same thing sometimes.  Those moments where they do or say something wrong and have a real look of shock on their face, as if in their head they are thinking "OH CRAP. THIS IS BAD...MOM LOOKS PISSED" and try to get the word "sorry" out as fast and repetitive as possible.

I want to make the right choices, and be proud of myself at the end of the day, but sometimes I fail.  As do my children.  It doesn't change how much we love each other one bit, and the best part is that  the next day we get to start all over and try again. 


  1. Hey sweet lady, it happens to ALL of us, hang in there (((hugs))) I will say I went to the health food store and picked up a bottle of GABA made by the NOW company and I am a lot less snappy, even my husband says so. Might look into it, I know it's just stress, but it helps relax you in stressful situations. Oh and I gave you a blog award Monday.

  2. Kids...gotta love 'em, right? And I think you are supermom just for taking them out. I can't imagine.

  3. Hugs...
    We all have these kind of parenting days. Today will be a better day :) Parenting is not always smiles and hugs. We are allowed to have bad days.

  4. Sweetie, everyone has those crappy days but you know what? Your kids still love you endlessly no matter how much you snap at them or how crazy they make you. And that will always be the case. So if today sucked, take consolation that tomorrow won't suck as badly. And if it does, eventually it'll get better. Just think of how nice it feels when they are all asleep in bed and you can enjoy the silence before doing it all over again tomorrow.

    Stay strong, Momma!!!


  5. I had a day like that today AND yesterday. I'm fearing a trend. I like the way you ended the post with some encouragement. I needed that.

    1. I am glad that I could encourage you, and trust me I have had weeks like this...but with time all things pass :) hope things get better for you!

  6. I couldn't agree more! I definitely think God gave us a fresh start each morning for a reason. I even think (with the little ones) that naptime is a godsend... a time to recharge, start over, and the smallest kids don't really remember what happened before. Begin a mom is such a touch job because it goes SO hand-in-hand with our emotional/mental selves. It's not just like a desk job where you can go to work cranky and hide behind your computer all day, you know? The fact that you're stressed and upset about this bad day shows just how much of a wonderful mom you really are, friend.

    I'm super happy that you linked up to the Mommy-Brain Mixer this week, and I hope to see you again next week! :)

  7. Being a mommy is absolutely the hardest job that I have ever had! Thanks for the support! I am sure you are a fantastic mommy as well :)