Sharing is Caring 

I'm working on my sharing skills, I was told I needed to by someone who used to share a room with me but will now reside on the couch.

My first "idea" is not original at all...however it is extremely useful for me and I thought maybe if I shared this you all could come up with some better ideas. 

A Simple Chore Chart...

I have tried several ways to bribe my children into helping around the house, and for the past 2 weeks a SIMPLE CHORE CHART has worked.   Each child has their own dry erase chart (Target -$1 each) there is about 8 chores on each chart, with the days of the week and columns for check marks.  I told the children that they have to reach a minimum of 10 chores for the week to get allowance, anything thereafter earns extra money.  I listed pretty easy tasks, but included an "extra" chore, this is anything other than the chores listed, which has been a huge success.  My children have been fighting over helping around the house.  They have reached the 10 chore mark by midweek and are doing double the requirement.   I know this isn't a brilliant idea, and for my first share it may seem a little weak, but for any of you that havent given this system a try, I highly recommend it.  I will have more useful shares in the future...

How do you get your children to help around the house?

Cheap and EASY (yeah maybe a little) Sangria

I LOVE Sangria!  Its dangerously delicious, and thought about often, oh so often.   I usually only order it from a restaurant when its house made though, because that's when its best and worth the $9 a glass that most places charge.

I've made it myself a few times and although it is incredibly tasty, its also pretty expensive to concoct.  I save this fanciness for guest.

Yesterday, while BBQing,  my (occasionally) better half came up with a quick and drinkable sangria-ish drink.

 2/3 Part Red Wine (a decent bottle)
1 /3 Part Fruit juice (we had Hawaiian punch handy, next time we will splurge for the nicer stuff)
Dash of Cinnamon
Lots of ice
* if you have fruit available, chop it up and add that too!

It seriously was not bad, and although I may not serve it to others and call it Sangria, it was good enough for me :)

Whats your favorite tasty and simple drink?

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  1. I found you on today's blog hop :) I actually use the Melissa and Doug chore chart to help motivate my 6-year-old daughter. Her allowance is dependent on her filling in all the spots with "no holes" (each "hole" knocks a dime off her allowance). Now not everything is a chore, per see--we have a "say please and thank you" and "show respect" in there, too. Looking forward to more of your shares in the future!