Sunday, August 25, 2013

No time for boredom

I only like coming on here when I have something worth telling, no one likes reading a boring blog...some people don't even like reading an exciting blog.  This blog is neither, its just my life.

Last week my life went from semi hectic to full blown NUTS.  Four girls in elementary school and a toddler in preschool will keep you on your toes!  On top of trying to work because you think its what's best for you, staying busy...because 5 children, a new house and a fiancĂ© isn't enough work.

For anyone that doesn't know me, I am extremely organized, always timely and have the patience of a saint. For those that do know me, you know that was all a huge lie.  School started Tuesday, I started my back to school shopping on Monday night - at midnight.  My children have had cheerleading practice 4 times this week, yet I have somehow managed to be late 5 separate times.  I also decided that riding our bikes to school this year would be awesome...clearly I do not know what awesome means.

Every day this week that we have rode our bikes, someone has fallen off.  One of my daughters managed to break the peddle off of her bike...she now jogs swiftly behind us for a mile and a half on the way to school. 

My life scares other people.  Imagine how I feel.

The good news is that my children have made me aware that they will have no more than one child each, at least I am teaching them a sense of responsibility.

I literally want to be bored sometimes, however I'm sure it would be interrupted by someone asking for a snack or telling me they need to go to the bathroom...or if I were bored IN the bathroom, someone would walk in and ask a mind blowing question.

That's what kids do, keep us "un-bored".  Sometimes when I'm listening to sad music in the car, intentionally trying to make myself cry just to be sure I still have feelings...I think "By God I will miss my little sugar plums when they leave me one day...I am going to be bored as hell without them."

Hopefully one will still like me enough to stick around and keep me busy :)