Friday, September 28, 2012

4 is more (than 3)

For the past two years I  have had 3 children in elementary school.  We did homework every night, required reading and occasional projects, it was a lot of work, but manageable.   This year I have 4 children in school, and I am in over my head.

I also have a 2 year old that could be the poster child for the slogan "TERRIBLE TWO'S!"

Our days are hectic, exhausting and jam packed with education.

I attend meetings, sign up to volunteer, and run around trying to find "requested" materials (that word "donate" gets me every time...times 4)

Each day after school there is at least 2 hours worth of homework to be done, sometimes longer depending on if a child has a melt down from sheer exhaustion, or if an entire sheet of math was done incorrectly and has to be redone.  Short stories are usually too short and need more sentences added, spelling, vocab and social studies have to be studied for and the amount of signatures that I make each day for behavior, test scores, permission slips or what ever else, is causing me to consider turning a blind eye to forgery.

Although I would do anything for my children, the expected responsibilities become very overwhelming at times. A mothers work really does go unnoticed, a parents work for that matter.  Most kids have no idea what we do for them, and how much we sacrifice.

I sometimes wonder, why cant they do these things themselves...why must my life be consumed by forms, letters, parent teacher meetings,  and HOMEWORK.  I did my time...though I was not very successful.  I feel like a student again, less the new clothes every year, packed lunch, and manicured hair...

Yesterday while talking to my 3rd grader about her day, she told me that she got two answers wrong on her homework from the night before. IMPOSSIBLE...I checked it!  We went over the problems, and I realized that I actually hadn't caught her errors (3rd grade math is challenging...err I mean she's gifted and on an 11th grade level) .  I explained to her what she did wrong, and she fully understood.  After she put her homework away she looked at me and said "Mommy, you're one of the only parents who checks their kids homework, a lot of the kids in my class get things wrong"

My heart broke.  I couldn't imagine, not helping my child.  I am so proud of them, especially when they have a strong understanding of a subject and bring home high grades. I love report card day, and actually look forward to conference night.  I want to hear if my child is struggling so we can work extra hard in those area, academically or socially, I want my child to be confident in all areas.

The every day work is hard.  The constant correcting, reminding, and reinforcing is exhausting.  I have to tell my children the same things every day, they misspell the same words, use the same excuses and try to get away with the same things.  I will be a happy parent when everything sticks, and I don't have to be annoyed by my own requests.

That day will come, it will be a long, bumpy road but it will get here faster than I may want.  My children know that I check, and double check their homework, I talk to their teachers, am active in their lives and ask questions...they have no idea how hard it is, or that sometimes I don't want to do "that", but I know that they are becoming better students because of it.

One day they will bring home a test that they aced, studied for themselves and that I had no idea about.

That is why they can't do it by themselves right now, and although I may think I  have done my time this is my real time, the most important,  the most meaningful, the time that will give me the most reward.

4 is more than 3, and when my son is a little older 5 will be more than 4, the years will be more difficult before they get easier, MORE homework, MORE tests and oh so many more signatures but all this hard work will provide me with 5 children who I will have helped mold into 5  wonderful people who will do GREAT things!

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  1. I applaud you for what you do. It's rough but it's worth it when you hear something like your child said to you about checking her homework. Great job, mom!!! You're doing a fantastic job (I'll say it because you know your kids won't).


  2. I admire all the hard working you are doing now. I am still several years away from this phase of parenting. While I know how much work it will be and how much more exhausted I will be it is worth it to have our children do well in school and to learn those important life lessons of responsibilities.

    Someday your kiddos will appreciate all the hard work you did for them, it just might not happen until they are done with school or are doing the same with their kids.

    New follower from blog hop.
    Jennifer L - My Wonderfully Imperfect Life

  3. Thanks ladies, kuddos to both of you as well! :)