Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happier Holiday

Fathers day used to be a day that I didn't enjoy. It was a day that made me sad, not for myself but for my child. I have a wonderful father who has always been there for me, and is a shining example of what all men should be like. He was also a huge part of my daughters life and tried to fill that gap as much as possible. Most of the time I thought nothing of my daughter lacking someone to call "dad". I was proud of how she was raised and didn't feel as though she was missing anyone. Fathers day however, was the one day of the year that I felt sorry for her, and maybe myself a little. It was a day that reminded me that sometimes children are born into unfair circumstances. I knew that one day I would not resent the holiday that was meant to honor the fathers that care, provide, teach and cherish their children. Some day my daughter would make a card that said "Happy Fathers Day Dad" and have one of her own to give it to. That someday happened 4 fathers days ago, but it becomes more special each year. I hear my daughter refer to her "dad" and watch a bond grow between two people that I love very much. It cant be forced and it will be a relationship that is unique to them. Its something that I could never provide her and am so very thankful that HE can. The children are still on vacation - I will pick them up tomorrow and we will celebrate Fathers day together this week. They all called this morning, but I would be lying if I didnt say how excited I was that my (biological)daughter called first...followed up with an immediate phone call from the rest. The feeling of knowing that she thought of him on this day gives me comfort because that means she is celebrating fathers day.

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