Thursday, June 14, 2012

Crazy loves Company

My children have been away with their grandparents for 4 house is very quiet. There is no one here to feed, clean up after, entertain, or reprimand. I am bored out of my mind. Sure James and I have been able to dine out every meal, sleep in and use inappropriate language in our "outside voices" but there is no chaos. No Crazy. I think I love crazy... Up until my crew went on vacation I thought I was having a nervous break down...I NEEDED peace and quiet. I was counting down the seconds until I would be driving my minivan less the mini's. I could not wait to get home and accomplish things. Little did I know that all I really needed was a few drinks and a long nap. I have accomplished close to nothing since I have cut my ties with responsibility. I have a mental list of "to-dos" that mostly consists of cleaning, organizing, and running errands, a very similar list of things that I do when I'm not on vacation. I guess because James is still working this week, I feel a little guilty. I would throw a house party, but its my own house and that means I would have to clean between me, James and our handful of friends, I don't think we could "kill a keg". I also have a feeling that my idea of a party would not be considered "cool". Is this what people do with their time away from their children?? I've never had a problem enjoying time away from my children in the past...maybe my children are becoming...more enjoyable! Regardless I have 4 days left without them. I am going to try to embrace this time and appreciate it. I should just go hang out at a park and watch other parents be stressed out...that sounds fun.


  1. It's funny, I get to a point where I need the kids to go out and when they do I get all the chores I need to get done and then I look around and think "now what?".
    Although I love the idea of going to the park ;o)

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  2. New follower from TGIF. You are so lucky to have a quiet house. Did you feel like Tom Cruise is Risky Business? Love for you to stop by and follow back when you get a chance.

    1. Yes, minus the dancing in my underwear - that is something that I'm not brave enough to do even with an empty house ;)

      Thanks for the follow I will be following back :)

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