Thursday, June 21, 2012

distance makes...a happy family :)

The kids are home and my house is back to being chaotically wonderful. I missed the little boogers way more than usual. Maybe because I am a stay at home mom again, with them not here it was as if my employees were on strike. Usually I stall when its time to pick them up, or suggest that they get one last day with their (more patient than me) grandparents...but this time I couldn't get them back in my arms fast enough. We got home on Tuesday and met daddy for pizza at our favorite restaurant, which was like any other meal out - loud, messy and involved several trips to the bathroom. Normally I would have lost my patience but that night was different. After dinner we all watched the NBA finals...again out of the norm for my liking but it was refreshingly enjoyable. The girls were really into the game and it made me chuckle that one of the girls kept referring to the team as "the heats". Yesterday the kids played at home for most of the day while I got done all of the chores that I planned on doing during my "staycation". We made the "dreaded" trip to the grocery store, where I saved $45 and only spent $75 (if I cant brag here, where can I??) and everyone made it out a alive! Not that anyone ever actually dies on our grocery excursions...but it gets close! I usually threaten to take illogical things away, produce is violated, and 1 child is always missing from the routine "every isle head count". AND it just dawned on me that NO ONE asked for a cookie!! Which by the way grocery stores...PLEASE stop giving away does not help speed things along, and God forbid I only bring one child with me to the store and she gets a cookie - I have to hear about it for a week!! If you wanna be "friendly" start giving away scholarships, that would be extremely helpful :) Dinner was later than usual last night but that was OK because its summer. We grilled sweet n sour chicken and veggie skewers in the rain (DELISH!!),...the dog got wet and tracked mud all over the floors that I had washed earlier in the day, the baby spilled an entire cup of tea at dinner and 2 of the girls cried because they "didn't like" the food that in a few minutes they would devour. After dinner (and several "reminders" to put on PJs and brush their teeth) the kids and I continued to read "the witches" (which we started a month ago) while my daughter had no concept of personal space and felt the need to rest her head in my rib cage...I know she was trying to "snuggle" but she is an unknowingly strong child and brings new meaning to the term "bear hug". The night ended with the kids wanting to sleep in a closet and me shockingly obliging. I think if nothing else the time away from the kids gave my patience a "recharge". We will see how long it lasts...I have a feeling I will be calling the grandparents for another visit in the near future :)


  1. Here to return the follow :-)
    I think of my kids as my bosses rather than my employees. They shout at me, demand things, steel my lunch and follow me to the loo.
    Nice to meet you x

  2. Mine are pretty much the boss of me too...but I try to make them think that I am in charge - they usually just look at me as if they want to say "hey mom, its 5 to 1..YOU lose!" ;) thanks for the follow!

  3. I have never been a SAHM. Not sure if I'm glad or sad. LOL
    I am a new follower...and I tagged you today in 11 questions if you would like to participate. A great way to get to know people.
    thank you, and I'm reading and catching up on your posts.

    1. Thanks for the follow robin! I just saw your 11 questions and love it! I'm crazy bsy this weekend but will answer them soon :)