Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Just a mom... is more than enough

Tonight is one of those nights that I will consume wine, possibly an entire bottle. My children have driven me crazy today...and I am not using the term loosely, I mean literally crazy. Today, they have each proven to me that when I ask the question “are you deaf?”…the answer IS yes, they cannot hear me. It is clear, because my perfect children would never intentionally ignore me…I better schedule them each a full physical because I am pretty sure they have vision problems as well…they can NEVER find the hamper, flusher on the toilet or sink….poor angels. Why am I so stressed you ask?? Let me explain…. In my last post I described the lack of passion that I had for massage, which lead to my decision to “retire” from school…I am having a hard time with the word quit. Although I enjoyed working, making 8 dollars an hour, far less than my babysitter makes and barely enough to fill up my gas tank, wasn’t exactly logical. I wanted to have a career, but instead I wound up right back in the same place as I was before I ventured on my educational, success seeking, stress increasing journey…at home. So I am once again a full time…mom, which is more than enough. I think I am actually, FINALLY, realizing that being a mom is a job. A real, hard, non-paying job…kind of like community service. I have been home now for a few weeks, and so far going to school and working was a much easier task. My 2 year old is intimidating, my 5 year old is a boarder line genius (I can say that because she isn’t biologically mine), my 6 year old is Sassy McSassy Pants and my 8 year olds think they “don’t need me” …oh and my dog…he’s kind of a jerk (don’t worry we still love him)…it’s a scary house to live in. I will be home with the kids all summer…and am praying that we can all make it unharmed…I mostly fear for myself. The good news is that I will have PLENTY to blog about. I am sure I will have entertaining stories and pondering thoughts to share :) But for now I am going to pour some wine…so cheers to my fellow moms…and all the other hard workers out there – whatever your stresses may be.

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