Tuesday, September 6, 2011

long day

What a day.

I spent the last 2 days in bed...so sick. I'm actually still sick, and pretty foggy, but I had to share some of what happened today.

Because I've been in bed, we have no food, no clean clothes, no lunches were made last night, I'm not sure if the kids brushed their teeth all weekend and to be honest I'm surprised my house didn't burn down. Dad was in charge.

So this morning I crawled out of bed, showered, and dug through the pile which we call "laundry mountain", all the clothes that get thrown from the dryer onto the couch in my room. (yes I have a couch in my room...would be so "cool" if it wasnt covered in clothes) I successfully found clean underwear, socks and matching outfits for everyone. I was going back to school today myself and had to be dressed and ready by the same time as the kids. I woke everyone up, grabbed some granola bars and bananas, and tried to get everyone out the door, a process that usually takes 15-20 minutes from the time I say "we are leaving". One kid didn't have shoes, two kids needed me to sign something and someone was in the bathroom taking forever!

Finally we were ready...I told my 4 year old to stay home with daddy and I would be right back...she said "OK!" I walked out the door with my 3 big girls, a baby in my arms and coffee in hand......beep beep...that was the noise the front door makes when someone opens it. "NOOOOOOOO!!!" that's me screaming as the dog runs out the front door.

I run back in the house with the baby...James is yelling at Veronica "why did you let the dog out??" Veronica is crying...I put the baby down...the baby is now crying...I grab the leash. Meanwhile I had placed my coffee cup on the side walk outside of my house...all I wanted was my coffee. I do not want to chase the dog. I'm wearing all black (School uniform) I start to follow the dog, the girls are running after him too, finally we get to the crosswalk, the dog then crosses the crosswalk towards the school. At this point I tell the girls to go to class. My dog is now in the car line, almost gets hit...twice...I'm yelling his name, kids are staring, teachers are rolling their eyes, a woman says "if you just call him, he will come"...he darts over by the bus loop. I run as fast as I can, but lose him. I have to get back home, I cant see him anywhere. I hang my head and start to walk away...then a man asks me if I'm the lady looking for a dog...wonder what gave it away, the running, the leash, me mumbling "bad dog" under my breath?..."YES!" I scream...he leads me to the bike rack where a small crowd is forming around my dog. I attach the leash and head back home, picking up my coffee that was on the sidewalk...hopeful that someone had slipped a "happy pill" in it.

I walk in the door and James is ready to leave for work, suitcase in hand, showered and fresh...I on the other hand, disheveled, sweating, and frustrated have 2 more kids I need to take to school before I can start my day.

I get the kids in the car, run in and out of the house at least 5 times because I forgot something and then am finally on my way.

Remember how hot it was, well while I ran in to drop of the 2 little ones at school a tropical storm formed. I get soaked on my way back to the parking lot.

The good news is I made it early to my school and nothing out of the ordinary happened in class.

I hit traffic on the way home and didn't move for an hour, but luckily James was able to pick up the girls from school.

I was excited that James was going to be home when I got there, but I was sadly reminded that during working hours, even if he's home he's still working. So I was on my own with homework.

After homework, the girls and I headed to their first piano lesson, I don't know who was more excited...me or the girls. They were each having a private 30 minute lesson, which meant 2 hours of me in a waiting room with 4 children. It was a long afternoon, the instructor was 30 minutes late, and the kids were kinda crazy in that waiting room. But they all did well and loved it!

We got home late, had a healthy dinner of McDonalds, Jacob drank my iced coffee that I left on the counter, and bed time was a struggle as usual.

So I had one of those days...you know the kind where you are ready for it to be tomorrow. We all have them, and its really all about how we handle things. To be honest, most of the day I was calm, and I think I even laughed a few times. Its just life....

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