Saturday, September 3, 2011

A team effort

Jacob slept in his own bed last nice...but in all fairness it was because he didn't wake up and scream "mama" repeatedly while banging on the wall (which happens to be next to my bedroom) the real test of my strength has yet to come.

James is working a home show all weekend, which leaves me alone with the kids for three days...I should come up with plenty of material to blog about.

I am very tired today, last night the kids went over to a friends house for movie night and we didn't get home until after 10. Considering I was "on the clock" since 6 a.m. that was late for me. We had a play date at our house in the morning and then went over to a friends for dinner tired is an understatement.

I think just that fact of knowing that James wont be here the next few days is part of what wears me out as well. When you have a partner you depend on them more than you even realize. People always give me so much credit for being a mom of 5, and most of the times I fully deserve it ;) but I know I couldn't do the things I do without the help I get from James. He is my best friend, and although he may not fully understand my role as a mom, he's the only other person who really knows "what its like". Not what its like to have 5 kids, but what our family is like. He makes me laugh after a long day, disciplines a child that I've already disciplined 10 times, picks up milk on the way home, walks the kids to school so I can stay in my pajamas and does so much more that goes unseen. I know that I need him in order to be "super mom".

So although I'm happy that he will be working hard this weekend for our family, I will miss all his help. And maybe the next time I feel like I do everything, I will come back and read this blog :)

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