Friday, September 2, 2011

all children are created...VERY DIFFERENT

My son is spoiled. There I have admitted it. Now I have to fix it.

Every one of my friends will attest to the fact that my daughter Kaylee was a perfect baby...or at least that I thought she was. She never cried, was so easy going, terrible 2's did not exist, and a temper tantrum was a mere lip quiver and glassy eyes. Time goes on though and she is now 8...and cops an attitude on a regular basis...I miss my perfect baby.

Jacob is the COMPLETE opposite of Kaylee...Karma, something I ate when I was pregnant...VOODOO?? Whatever the case, my son is a handful.

Last night was my breaking point...or maybe yesterday as a whole...considering he started the day by telling me to "go way". He screams every night, and for the fear of him waking up the other 4 angels that are sleeping, I reluctantly bring him into our bed. HUGE MISTAKE. How someone so small can take up an entire king sized bed is beyond me, he must wear stilts under his jammies or be related to inspector gadget, he manages to jab both James and I in the ribs, face, and stomach multiple times a night.

Back to last was different..I was ready to put my foot down...take back what was mine - my bed! He woke up at around 10...screaming...I let him cry. He cried...and cried...and then I think he used profanity. I went into his room and tried giving him his binky. Nope, that wasn't what he wanted. I took him out of the crib and tried sitting in the rocking chair with him. He refused to sit with me...he pointed in the direction of my room. I began to weaken. James was still down stairs watching TV, I decided to bring Jacob down....which made for a very happy baby...until he wanted a drink. He began so scream "gink" (that means drink...duh) I give him a drink...and we then proceed back up stairs. He then has a complete break down, screaming and kicking. I take him in my bed..."TV ON!" TV ON!" he wants the TV on...but not my TV, the downstairs TV...I took him back down stairs. My night revolved around that crazy little boy.

James ended up sleeping on the couch. Jacob kept me up all well as Kaylee who had a bad dream.

I have to change my ways with him, I let him get away with more than I would let any of the others. He is my only boy, and my baby...but its not right...I'm the boss...I am the boss....yeah...he's not the boss of me.

Kaylee was easy by nature...just a good, happy, baby. Jacob is happy, when he gets what he wants.

All kids are different, and I now know that some will take much more work than others. Its my job as a mom to give each child what they need not just what they want.

Tonight it will be very loud in my house, I am going to sleep in my bed...ALONE. Even if it means I have to hear Jacob scream all night. I may not actually sleep but at least I will be giving him what he needs.

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