Thursday, September 1, 2011

new me...same stuff

We have made it through almost 2 weeks of school already, on time, dressed, fed and well rested....only what 34 more to go?? This is a big year, my "baby" (Kaylee) is in 3rd grade, we also have Brooke in 2nd, Audrey in 1st, Veronica in VPK (or as she calls it "pre-pre k"), Jacob in a toddler class, myself back in school, a wedding to plan, a house to buy (and finish decorating) and a dog that I am determined to train. My life is busier than I even knew was possible. I am focused on making my life organized (stop laughing...), functional, and as stress free as possible.

I have always had a hard time with taking on too much, and making things more exhausting than they have to be. Maybe I have a fear of boredom...whatever the reason, I insist on being busy...and usually complain that my life is too crazy. Well no more. This is the life I have, and I want to fully enjoy it.

Things could be so much worse...sure my son has been driving me crazy, and yes I have 4 very dramatic, loud, messy....oh this could go on for a while...little girls. My dog keeps me on my toes, and my fiance works entirely too much...but I love who we are. It takes a long time for a blended family to really blend...and for a step-parent (who would never refer to them self as a step parent) to build a bond. We have gotten over so many hurdles over the past few years, and I think we can now really enjoy where we are.

I am so excited for school projects, wedding planning, family vacations and everything else that this year will bring. It will be way more than I can handle, and I will make many mistakes...but at least I will have my big crazy family to share it with!

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