Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Do as I say....you know the rest...

I am constantly telling my children "don't do that"....although I myself have and continue to do that. Yesterday I broke a glass bottle in the kitchen while cooking, which I blame on my 21 month old...yes I am blaming a baby...he is highly distracting and is frequently the cause of my clumsiness...cute and well worth it though. I immediately rushed the children out of the kitchen and did a quick sweep. However, as anyone who has broken anything knows, particles of that broken object will show up for months to come. Through out the rest of the day I would scream at my children whenever they entered the kitchen barefoot. (which may have caused severe psychological damage...I am sure at least 2 of them are convinced that broken glass in your foot WILL KILL YOU). I had to remind them several times to put shoes on and at one point I completely banned them from the kitchen...which made dinner very awkward. I Kept thinking to myself "do they want to get hurt? why cant they just listen? Am I even speaking English???".

Then it happened...a sharp pierce and rush of pain through my entire foot. Yup. I was barefoot...in the kitchen. Stepped on glass. Dumb. Very dumb. But so typical.

So although it hurt...and my children will feel so much smarter than me..once again. I at least proved my point.

Just as I tell them to eat healthy, as I sneak dessert after dinner, and force them to play outside on days that I have sat on the couch...there is a reason behind my madness. When you are older it's harder to make the better choice, its easy to be lazy, and there is nobody to tell you what to do.

So even if only half of the things that I drill into them stick, they will make only half of the mistakes that I have.

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