Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

So I forgot all about Easter, until about 10 pm last night...which actually worked to my benefit because James had already had a few drinks and was more willing to part with his wallet. We got the girls purses instead of baskets, baskets really kind of are a waste. Maybe next year I will use shoes...much more practical than a crappy basket, that I have to steal from the kids when they are at school, pack them in a box and then spend months dropping hints for that box to be "put away". And once the box of Easter crap gets put away it never come back out. I think we have enough Easter decor for 3 families...then again my family is the size of about 3 normal sized families. Regardless, every year we buy new stuff. Growing up holidays were such a big deal in our house, in fact part of the reason I lived at home for so long were for the holiday perks. My mom loved holidays so much that she would find new ones that no one else we knew celebrated, and that in the long run ended up being a let while it lasted, but I cant tell you how many years st. Nicholas forgot to fill our shoes. The good thing was that he also forgot to fill our friends I guess it was win win. Valentines, St Patty's and of course Christmas we a HUGE deal. It wasn't the gifts, or the even the treats, it was the genuine thought and love that went into everything. I always wanted to carry on that feeling and share it with my children, I think I've lost it though. My mom is a strong, selfless woman. To think that she felt exactly how I feel on a daily basis (she had four children, a house to maintain, and but I never knew. I never remember a time where I felt like I wasn't the most important. I want my kids to grow up having amazing memories...not average, but almost perfect! Speaking of which I have about 4 dozen eggs that I still need to hide! I hope everyone has a wonderful, MEMORABLE day!


  1. I am so happy that you started blogging again. I took the chance to read through all of your blogs and i had many laugh out loud moments. You don't realize how truly talented you are and you have a way of really including the reader in the story by the style of your story telling. Love you and happy easter.

  2. Thank you Mare! I love you more :)