Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ok so I went from facebook obsessed to addicted to blogging. Maybe. This might be better for me though. I need to get out how I'm feeling and share the rediculousness of my life with maybe I can achieve that here without being a stalker of everyone elses life. That was my problem with facebook. And don't judge because you know you find yourself looking at pictures of a friend of a friend's exboyfriend's sister's prom date. Or how about when you see somone who you haven't talked to in a long time and they know more about you than your own mother does, you start to feel a little violated...they don't even want to see pictures of your kids, they know EXACTLY what little Timmy and Tommy look like, infact they are SICK of Timmy and Tommy!

I'm only blogging because a few, a very small few (considering I had a decent amount of fb friends) wanted to still know what was going on in my life. Big shout out to Erica, Debbie and Pshay! A few means 3 right?

So I'll try to update as often as possible and please feel free to update me on your lives a well :)

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