Thursday, June 17, 2010

How Irononic...

So I decided to delete my facebook page yesterday and what do you think James brings home for me...a new computer. I have been using my Iphone for about the past 3 months, because my computer got a virus (thank you babysitter...if 5 aren't keeping you busy maybe you should do a quick head count...) Anyways I'm very happy about my new computer, now I can Skype my dad and brothers (which sounds very inappropriate)

I must say I came to a realization yesterday that very few people are actually interested in my life. I think I lack alot of interesting qualities. I speak one language, have never really left the country, am not very..."enlightened", I have no talents or hobbies, and I have no naked pictures floating around...I'm kinda boring.

My kids are the only people I interact with and most of the time they have more interesting things to talk about than I do. They always ask me questions that I have no answer for... and most of the time they answer each other.


Kaylee: "Why was jesus jewish?"
Me: uhhh
Brooke: "was he christmas?"
Kaylee" (laughing) "noooo brooke he was christian"

I'm confused now.

Anyways I think I'm going to completely give up reality TV, gossip websites, magazines and shows...I feel like my brain is polluted with other peoples lives.

I need a hobby...any suggestions (hey between the two of you, I expect some feed back!)

oh PS...MOM stands for (mom of many) Cheesy much?


  1. I have very few hobbies and they dont seem that interesting to most people. I do jigsaw puzzles and read for mine. I really can't think of anything else. It's sad.

  2. I find it funny that you don't think you are interesting or as much as your kiddos. I think the same. I could totally get rid of all but five friends on fb and it would be great. Don't worry you are interesting, you just don't realize it. And I wish my kids would answer each others questions more often!!

  3. Puzzles and books are good...I just have a hard time sticking to things like that. James(not my brother, my boyfriend) and I tried reading for a while, actually he read to me...I thought it was sweet. And he is a great reader, very enthusiastic. Glad to hear you dont think I'm boring...but really I get old quick, just ask my brothers.