Thursday, October 3, 2013


Not sure if anyone has noticed but I haven't been on FB in a while...or as my fiancé refers to it "Fakebook"

I needed a facebreak for a while, and to be honest I haven't missed a lot of things about facebook.

I do not miss the selfies, the ecard that circles everyone's page just with a different picture and color, the TMI (NO ONE cares that you are in the bathroom at church), the NEI (not enough know the old "tomorrow is the day..." post that leaves you worrying, and wondering what the hell is happening tomorrow??).  I also do not miss the BS, that person who posts that they have the "best hubby ever!" while you are well aware of the fact that they are on the verge of a separation, or the person only posts pictures that depict a perfect image of their spotless home, flawless family, or amazing DIY project, because everything looks better via instagram.

I do miss the pictures of family, and friends that I have lost contact with.  I miss the uplifting posts about people who you truly know are happy.  I miss the relatable posts, that make you laugh, tear up or even jog a memory. 

I miss being in the loop, because facebook has become our societys main source of contact, it has become all consuming and almost a full time job for some.  Posting that you are expecting a child, getting married, moving, or have lost a loved one is the norm,  I have been guilty of doing it myself.  These days, calling someone would be "weird".  I would rather be weird...I enjoy a phone call...but I guess the times are a changin' and so must I. 

Facebook has become an essential part of this crazy world, like electricity and transportation - without we are in the dark and left behind.

So like a weak schoolgirl, I'm caving and willing to give facebook another shot.

Like most relationships that hit a bump in the road...I have learned what makes me happy, and what does not and as I move forward with facebook I will focus on the positive.  I will stalk my brother and sister-in-laws pages to see pictures of my adorable nephew and read posts about how perfect he is (seriously...he is perfect, not BSing).  I will laugh at my two other brothers ridiculously funny mishaps and be jealous of their fascinating life experiences.  I will not post life altering decisions or events, instead I will call those who actually may care to know and than later decide if I want to share my scoop with the rest of the world to be critiqued and judged.  I will ignore the things that don't deserve a like, comment or share and I will not become consumed by other peoples lives. 

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