Monday, May 13, 2013

Never a good time

I haven't been around here in almost 6 months.  Things change a lot in 6 months, but one thing stays the same...there is never a "good time" for anything.  I've thought about writing, jotted down some ideas, and even added blogging to my to-do list, which is actually much more of a to-didn't list.

I love writing, and blogging in particular tickles my fancy.  Blogging is me time, yet it is almost never a good time to blog, even now is a horrible time - I'm exhausted, its late, and I should be sleeping.  In the morning, I should be getting things done around my house.  Once the kids get home from school they require my full attention - which coming from a mom with ADHD, I'm already kind of ripping them off.  At night, I'm beat...but putting off something that I enjoy, makes me disappointed in myself.  Its never a good time for anything, until you just do it.

So here goes...I'm very tired and this post may suck but I am MAKING time for it.

3 big things that have happened in the past 6 months...we finally moved into our house and are official home owners (for the first time), we started a business and got engaged.

I'm extremely happy with my life.  For the first time I don't want to see what is on the other side of the fence, because I feel more than confident that the grass isn't greener, which is actually a little intimidating.  Not that "this is it" but now that I am here, where I have always wanted to be, I want to savor it.   It sounds easy, as easy as making time for things.

So there is my newest goal, making time...and savoring it. Except cleaning, I am not making time nor savoring that. 

Well I am starting to crash, but I am glad that I got this post out - I already feel motivated.  In fact, I am going to go make the time to get some rest, and savor it!

Good night.

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