Monday, September 26, 2011

to each its own...value.

Mondays have always been my least favorite day of the week, but now even more so. This school year our county decided every Monday should be early release, I'm not sure who benefits from this. The teachers still have a full day, and parents are less than excited to pick up the kids an hour earlier, and of all days why do this on a Monday...a Friday may have been easier to handle?? So every Monday I lose my patience and energy an hour sooner than usual.

Not that my weekends consist of much relaxation.

This weekend I attempted a yard sale with my girlfriend. I realized that my treasure is another's trash, and people will not pay top dollar based on how "sentimental" something is to you. It crushed me to let go of things that were not only special but expensive...and the difference between 50 cents and a dollar is huge to some people! I was so emotionally and physically drained after the whole ordeal...and I may have ended up sneaking a few things back into my house.

I sold a beautiful dress that I payed $80 for (on clearance!) and only wore once for 5$, a play kitchen in mint condition for $20 and a toy rack that retails for $60 for $10. I loved that dress, it was one of nicest things I ever bought for myself...but I had no where to wear it. That kitchen was given to kaylee when she was 2, I could see her curly little head peeking in the oven, checking on the cake she was baking, and that toy rack was a life saver when it came to clean up time.

I guess things are just that...things. Hopefully my stuff will bring as much joy to someone else.


  1. I hear you! I've come away from each garage sale held/sold at/helped with totally drained as well. I don't know what it IS about those things.

    And yeah, early release is, in general, a bad idea but especially on Monday. Poor you!

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  3. aahhh i dont like monday..after having a great weekend,dont want to do work again sucks..