Wednesday, May 4, 2011

College bound

OK so I'm officially a student...or officially in debt..better yet both! I'm a broke, eager, student! Except. unfortunately my boyfriend does not like ramen noodles, so I wont get all the perks of being a college student. (I happen to prefer cup-o-noodles myself) I start school in about 3 weeks, and it couldn't come sooner!

I'm going for massage therapy and skin care - best part, is that you receive massages and facials while your in class. It's going to be like having a 15 month long "girls day at the spa". James better be prepared to take care of the kids if one gets sick because I'm not giving up some rejuvenation time to play nurse...I would have gone to nursing school for that...kidding...but seriously I will be administering heavy doses of vitamin C over the next year and half.

School has always been tough for me, I was interested in other running into walls to get a laugh or seeing how many napkins I could fit in my mouth (don't judge me) regardless school was just not on my priority list. But of course I regret all those bad choices, I missed out on a lot and in the long run - other than mom - I don't have much of a title. Thank GOD my kids love school and thrive, more so than I ever did. I want so much more for them, and I think I pretty much have the teen pregnancy issue handled. After as much as they will have to be "mommy's helper", I'm certain they will be wiser than I in that area.

Bottom line, goals are so important. My recent one is to finish the massage and skin care program and build my own business. I think some women are able to make motherhood their business, and I envy them. Those moms (like my own) who have patience, understanding and wisdom to endlessly provide are incredible - I just dont have that. My children teach me how to be a good mom, they show me the "right" way to do things...actually my kids sort of run fact I think one grounded me the other day. Those mom's are what I wish I was, but I'm still equally inlove with my children and provide them the best life that I know how. So while some choose college, others parenthood, or even a life long hobby - all goals are equally important.

And with that, I wish you each success in your current and future goals!

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